Buy or Sell a Home in Chicago

Sell Buy Design exists because real estate is far more than a one-dimensional transaction. Whether you are looking to buy or sell (or both at once)—the goal is always the same: to get the best return on your investment. Chicago is my favorite place to live, explore, and share with others. I bring my knowledge and expertise to your real estate decision so you can sell or buy the home that meets your needs in a city I hope you love as much as I do.

Design and Customize Your Dream Home

Ever since marrying a General Contractor, I can’t help but see real estate with an eye for value and potential. I proudly partner with a design and construction firm in Chicago and have a hand-selected network of architects, designers, Food Forrest architects, and artisans to help turn real estate potential into your dream home. Our shared work has been scouted by HGTV, Curbed, and more.

Compass Concierge

What if you could get an interest-free loan to update your home before selling? Compass Concierge helps you sell your home faster (and for more money) by fronting the cost for home improvements like flooring, paint, and staging. I’m happy to help you get the funds you need to make your sale that much easier.

Bridge Loans

If you’ve ever sold a home and bought a new one in the same breath, you’re a warrior. You’ll also love the bridge loan. This option turns the equity from your current home into a short-term loan so you can make an offer on a new place. No more rushing to sell your home. No more stress about missing out on that gorgeous mansion down the street. You get the idea. Give me a shout and I’ll get you more details.

Compass Coming Soon

Exclusive marketing. Housing market insights. Those are just fancy ways to describe this incredibly practical service. Compass Coming Soon pre-lists your house for sale online, which is an asset in a competitive housing market like Chicago’s. Pique the interest of prospective buyers and their agents and get a feel for the market before your home is officially available for purchase.

Find an Agent Anywhere

I have a philosophy about business that you must first and foremost be human. Forget the hustle and just be yourself by openly sharing your top-notch knowledge with others to help them make the best possible decisions. I have a network that encompasses some incredible humans who also happen to be incredible real estate agents. If you need help buying or selling your home anywhere in the United States, drop me a line and I’ll connect you with an agent in your area.

Coast to Coast Vacation Home Consults

Buying a vacation home requires a unique perspective—one you don’t always get from even the most experienced agents. In a region popular for vacation homes, I love helping clients successfully navigate the realities of owning a second home. Looking at vacation homes in a different part of the country? I provide consultations as well as access to agents with local area expertise.

Private Market Access

Experience marketing exclusivity and privacy by opting for private market access. Rather than add your property details to public home search websites, I’ll share your off-market listing directly with my network of top Chicago-area agents. This means you gain exclusive access to interested buyers before your home hits the market.